Engineering Spotlight: Theme Park Show Barges

Forefront Architecture and Engineering has worked in-conjunction with local theme parks to develop some structural engineering plans for Orlando’s newest nighttime spectacular.

Work continues on the massive show barges for the upcoming nighttime entertainment at one of Orlando’s theme parks. “Harmonious” will bring to the lagoon an innovative toolkit of massive floating set pieces that house a variety of show effects, including custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, colorful lights, lasers, pyrotechnics, and more. 

The show promises to be a beautifully crafted nighttime dreamscape of music and images, reimagined by diverse cultural musicians and artists from around the world. It’s a transformative experience, where we can discover how Disney music has the power to inspire and unite us all.

The centerpiece for the lagoon is a 6 story ring. This structure will support a high-density water curtain, moving lights, and fountains. Equipment and construction barges remain nearby as the development of the display continues.

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