ICYMI: Forefront Team attends an IBASCO / LP collaboration

Forefront A+E travels to Pittsburgh to attend IBASCO / Louisiana-Pacific® collaboration to view and discuss the use of LP Flame Guard in associated UL assemblies.

LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing is ICC-certified to meet code and provides additional value—strength, savings and greater design flexibility. It helps you build fire-rated wall assemblies and roof deck faster—at a lower cost—than most common alternatives.

Mock ups of ASTM E119 & ANSI/UL263 Design No. U350 using LP Flame Guard where presented by one of the leading Engineers from LP. This presentation was followed by group discussions, questions and answers as to the uses and applicability and compliance to industry codes. The ASTM E119 testing criteria and how it effected the U350 was discussed as well.  The collection of diverse industry professionals allowed for valuable collaboration on these products.

Industry professionals from Architects & Engineers, Design Firms, Home Builders, Material Suppliers & Purchasers, and representatives directly from IBASCO & LP joined in on this presentation. Forefront Architecture and Engineering took home some valuable experiences from this collaboration. This was a great opportunity for the Forefront team and Centrum Components, to learn more about the LP FlameBlock® technology.

LP Flameblock Assemblies Reduce Labor Costs

LP® FlameBlock® sheathing is a listed component of exterior and interior load-bearing wall assemblies. These efficient assemblies can improve construction timelines and reduce labor costs by eliminating the time required to install a layer of external gypsum.

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