Michael B. Vitale First Sergeant, U.S.ARMY (1SG, Ret.)

Forefront Architecture and Engineering would like to thank our current and previous team member veterans for their courage, sacrifice, and bravery.
Forefront Architecture and Engineering | Team Spotlight | Veterans Day

Michael provides over 30 years of experience within the construction industry and during one assignment with the U.S. Army he served as the Directorate of Engineering for the U.S. Army – Doha, Qatar. Michael has 15 years of experience as a Florida Licensed Building Official,  Building Inspector &  Plans Examiner.   Michael currently holds the  Operations Manager/ Building Code Administrator position at Forefront Architecture & Engineering.  He assures that our deliverable drawings and construction documents and specifications address the needs of our clients and the jurisdiction having authority.

We asked Mike a couple question to learn more about his service and how he implements his experience here at Forefront.

What did you expect the military to be like? 

A great deal of comradeship and brotherhood of bonds that run deep! My Dad was a Drill Sgt & my Mom is Sicilian, so Basic was not a big deal!
I already knew what to expect, and it was as I expected.

Any memorable experiences from traveling? 

 Too many to mention. I got to see the WORLD, 4 overseas tours. some GREAT places and not so great places, to some that really are HELL on Earth.

What was the most important thing you learned from the military? 

I learned that most of those young men & women ARE THE NOBILITY of AMERICA!!!  I saw them in action in some of the WORST conditions on Earth, and they did it willingly and for each other!

How did your service and experiences affect your life?

Knowing what is really important with the appreciation for what we have and what could be lost. It taught me to overcome, adapt, improvise and to not be a victim. I am still adapting after more than 20 years in the service to the “civilian” world. I learned to be capable of being truly your best friend and your be worst nightmare. 

How does your military background enrich the work you do at Forefront? 

I was a U.S. Army Drill Sgt and I retired as a First Sergeant, so using eloquent profanity, issuing physical corrective measures was a regular “day at the office”! At Forefront, I enjoy teaching and coaching, which is what a big part of what we do in the military.


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