Project Concept: New Multifunctional Community Center for South Florida

The goal for every design project is to provide our client with the most efficient utilization of energy, space, and finances. This practice results in a design solution which is most advantageous to the Owner. The Forefront philosophy “is to know each client’s needs and expectations and to provide sound and innovative architectural and engineering design and to exceed your expectations.”

Forefront Architecture & Engineering previously submitted a concept for a new South Florida Community Center.  The firm would provide architectural/engineering services in connection with the planning, design, and construction of a community center located in West Palm Beach, FL.

View of Interior – Front Entrance Panes Removed (Concept Rendering)

The consultant would provide services for all phases of the project, including pre-architectural program development and functional space programming, design, bid, construction and post construction phase services. The selected consultant will work with Client Staff on all phases of the project to ensure the design is community-focused and provide the necessary documentation to Client Staff to prepare the project for LEED Certification.

Front View of Community Center (Concept Rendering)

Our team worked to develop a full conceptual plan for this new community center. The primary objective of the proposed project was to redevelop the site and construct a joint-use, multifunctional community facility with a “shared space” concept designed to provide localized and varied services and activities. Additionally, the community facility will serve as the new location for the services offered at the other facilities in the area, and serve as a possible remote location to local nonprofits and other community service organizations.

Backside View of Community Center (Concept Rendering)

Project Design

During this phase, the project is Executed as we explore a variety of alternatives for accomplishing the City’s objectives based on our findings in Step l. We will prepare preliminary engineering calculations and preliminary layout designs to illustrate the pros and cons of each alternative. Comparative estimates of construction costs will also be prepared to aid in the analysis of each alternative. Once a cost-effective design is established by the design team, Forefront would develop final plans for permitting review and approval in the next phase.

Rear View (looking west) – (Concept Rendering)

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