Residential: Multi-Family Construction

Successful buildings are the sum of well-functioning spaces that each plays their part and combine to create a harmonious whole. Modern communities must attract tech-savvy young buyers who are mobile, active, and socially oriented. By embracing advanced technology, Forefront is able to be as flexible as our clients and provide timely building solutions that adapt to new trends.

Student Living

Expectations for student housing are adapting to the ever-changing lifestyles of this youthful population. As such, many of the solutions of merely a decade ago are obsolete today, especially in the areas of technology and connectivity. New challenges are also presented in the form of creating a physical meeting place in a digital society, presenting solutions to address gender issues and creating a secure and safe environment. Creating close proximity to campus and other amenities—especially as student populations grow and available property diminishes—is a challenge that we relish to solve.

Located on Grace Street, this apartment-style building houses 500 students in a combination of 1 and 2 bedroom units with 2 residents per bedroom. Apartments come with a kitchen, fully furnished living room and bedroom(s), and 1 bathroom for every pair of residents. (JMU – Our Residence Halls)

Multi-Family Townhomes