Services: Wood Structures

Wood trusses are widely used in single and multi-family residential, institutional, and commercial construction. Their high strength-to-weight ratios permit long spans, offering greater flexibility in floor plan layouts. They can be designed in almost any shape or size, restricted only by manufacturing capabilities, shipping limitations and handling considerations.

  • Structural Integrity
  • Architectural Capabilities
  • Roof Truss Design
  • Floor Truss Design
  • Wall Panels

Floor Trusses

The most trades-friendly method of creating a floor system, floor trusses offer strength and unique flexibility.

Roof Trusses

Building trusses, turning cut pieces and plates into finished, ready to erect building components, is done with specialized machinery.

Wall Panels

Wall Panels are produced in a controlled, indoor environment where waste is minimized and efficiency is high. Prefabricated wall panels also tend to be dimensionally more accurate since they are made with higher quality lumber from a large inventory of material the factory has its disposal. When using prefabricated walls, field labor is reduced and does not need to consist of all skilled carpenters.